Startup founders develop software differently.

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You have an idea, funds, and want to build that great application. Do you trust your guts and say “Everything will be OK,” or do you ask yourself:

1. What are the chances of success?
2. What risks am I facing?
3. Will my funds get me far enough?

20 years of startup experience as a founder and an engineer with a Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate.

What difference does it make?

1. Risk-free:

  • feature-by-feature development

  • on-demand resources - add or remove engineers whenever you need

2. Clear ROI:

  • switching focus from perfect software to business and customer value

  • engaging a network of experts and specialists only when needed

3. Guaranteed On Budget:

  • reducing costs: local managers and overseas resources

  • reducing scope: focus on value​

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"Vinko and his developers at Kala have been important collaborators for getting Branding Compass launched. Vinko's expertise and insights go far beyond just software development and has provided me with guidance about how to roll out an MVP and how to think about what customers really want. He is a trustworthy partner that I’m glad is part of our team."

Emily Brackett, Founder, Branding Compass

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